Titles-Beresa Children Stories


          The following is a list of eBook titles in the Beresa Children's Stories series. Shown here is the eBook cover, and a synopsis of each title.

  Kalola_lost_her_favourite_tree Kalola Lost Her Favourite Tree (Series 1 eBook 1)

In this story, Kalola Koala could not find her way back to her favourite gum tree. Find out how her friends Wobbly Wallaby and Kooky Kookaburra help her find it again.
(Kalola is pronounced: Kay-low-lah)

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Karagoo_and_Meetu Karagoo and Meetu  (Series 1 eBook 2)
Karagoo Kangaroo beleives he is the fastest on the land, but Meetu Emu also thinks he is the fastest. This charming story is about their match race, and the surprise result.


Noises_from_the_Hollow_Log Noises From the Hollow Log  (Series 1 eBook 3)
Strange and terrible noises were bellowing from a large hollow log. Could it be Dinosaurs, or Dragons, or Monsters, or could it be something quite unexpected?

1-5_Bushfire_Escape Bushfire Escape (Series 1 eBook 4)

When smoke is seen and smelt in the bushland, the alarm is sounded, and the animals know to find their way to safety as soon as possible. But Kalola Koala becomes lost just as the fire was getting close. This story tells how she and the other animals narrowly escape the dreaded bushfire.


Joey's_First_Day_Out Joey's First Day Out (Series 1 eBook 5)
Joey Kangaroo is invited  to leave his cosy pouch for the first time, and meet some friends who have some gifts for him, and a big surprise from his Mum and Dad.